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Spectrum of Visible Laser Lines

This chart shows the lines (colours) produced by various lasers operating in the visible spectrum. The chart was contributed by Bian - skywise711<at>earthlink<dot>net
Brian writes "This is a chart of the visible spectrum with common (and some not so common) laser lines of the more common (and again, some not so common) lasers. This chart only deals with wavelengths from 800nm down to 350nm, which covers just a tad more than the visible spectrum."
The chart is to large to display properly on this page - you can download the full version from the link below.
You can visit his laser pages at http://www.skywise711.com/lasers/index.html

.jpg representation of the full chart

The chart shown on this page is a .jpg representation of the full chart which is a large and detailed image and in .tif format - the image above does not provide all of the detail in the original. You can download the full size .tif version of the spectrum chart (as a zipped file) by clicking HERE

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