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LaserFX.com Update Page

    This page lists the history of updates and additions to our web site - the newest items are shown first.  If you are looking for an item that was "new" some time back, scroll down the page.


  Current New Items


New Items - Q2 of 2008

  • Added basic information on how a DPSS laser works to the How Lasers Work page.

  • The General interest area of the website has undergone a facelift to offer wider and less cluttered pages.

  • The on-site Search, and the Laser Shows Calendar are now working thanks to Google.


  Previous "New" Items


New Items - Q3 of 2003


New Items - Q2 of 2003

  • Updated Canadian User Guide for Directed Bright Light Operations in Airspace is now available for download from the Laser Safety - Safety Regulations page in the Canada Section.  The .ZIP file contains the guide in .PDF format as well as the required forms in .RTF format. 

  • MDG Virtual Visit - A visit to MDG Fog Generators - manufacturers of the most popular hazers used by Laserists.

  • A Risk Assessment Methodology For The use of Lasers in the Entertainment Industry - John O'Hagen of the National Radiological Protection Board in the UK has contributed his PhD thesis on laser safety as a series of PDF files.

  • New images from Peter Ranson of Laser Attraction in the UK and a video from Box Lasers have been added to the Gallery section.


New Items - Q1 of 2003

  • Manuals for logic systems DMX products have been added to the Pinouts section.

  • New images from Timothy Jones of California have been added to the Gallery section.

  • Data sheet for the MFE actuators and the Cyonics/Uniphase 2201 Start Card  have been added to the Pinouts section



New Items - Q4 of 2002

  • Long Island Lasers has provided an edited version of their promotional net video for the video section of the Gallery.  This is a good example of a laser company promotional video with lots of different scenes of the company in action and up-tempo music.

  • Anthony Barrett is no longer supporting the LASERMAX Amiga software or charging shareware fees for the program.  He has donated the manual for the program which can be found in the Archives and Download section.

  • Xmas 2002 Collection: This collection of 18 animations, 233 frames, offers a variety of animations for your holiday season shows.  Visit the Xmas 2002 Collection page to see the animated .gif previews and get all the details!

  • Dance Pack 1 Collection: This collection, containing 334 frames of high quality 30K graphics, offers two long animations ideal for dances, parties, raves and clubs.  Visit the Dance Pack 1 Collection page to see the animated .gif previews and get the details!

  • Information on the Laser Studio UK - 12K amp board has been added to the Pinouts section in the Backstage area.


New Items - Q3 of 2002

  • New information from the Health and Safety Executive has been added to the United Kingdom section of the Laser Safety - Safety Regulations page in the Backstage area.

  • 08 August 2002:  Due to the high demand for our web site, or ISP moved us to a new faster server.  The World Scan and What's new pages have been updated with new items.

  • Laser Construction: A 20 page .PDF file has been added to the Hobby Section of the Backstage.  Contributed by Jeff Aust, it gives an outline and the information you need if you are interested in building a home-brew copper halide laser.


New Items - Q2 of 2002

  • Laser Animation Piracy - An article by L. Michael Roberts which chronicles an attempt to settle a situation in which animations were pirated and re-sold for profit.

  • The Where To Hire A Laser Show page has been updated so that member buttons with links are now displayed on the page as well as randomly at the top right of all the web pages on the site.

  • New images from Adrian (Aj) Moussa in California and Spectre Lasers in Malta added to the Gallery section.

  • Events Calendar page updated with more events listed.


New Items - Q1 of 2002



New Items - Q4 of 2001

  • Laser Hobbyists - Laser Construction - Construction and Operation of a One-Meter Helium Neon Laser:  This is a technical paper written for a Laser Physics Class (Physics 470K) at Purdue University Calumet. At the time this paper was written, (the early 1980's), building a large HeNe laser tube was still more economically feasible as compared to purchasing a laser of this size.

  • Pump Cavity - An article on how to build an IR laser pump cavity - the first step in building a high power DPSS green laser - Contributed by Bob, the resident solid-state laser guru on alt.lasers.

  • Two DOS utilities for ILDA frame import/export work added to the Download section of the Backstage area.


New Items - Q3 of 2001

  • Complete overhaul of the LaserFX.com web site with new navigation, updated old content and old diagrams, added new content and new topic areas.

  • Gallery - complete overhaul of gallery section with new images and videos

  • Virtual Visit - Visit MediaLas in Germany


New Items - Q2 of 2001

  • No new items were posted to the site as it was off-line for a complete overhaul.


New Items - Q1 of 2001


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