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Urström at the 1999 Stockholm Water Festival



Day 11 - Friday August 13 - Show day 8

    Today was bright sunny and warm. With a 20:00 crew call, I had time for some tourism. Arvid and I went to the Stadshuset or City Hall of Stockholm. This building is very famous as it is the site of the annual Nobel Prize festivities. We arrived in time for the 14:00 tour which lasts about an hour - see the Stadshuset page.

Stadshuset - Stockholm City Hall
Stadshuset - Stockholm City Hall.

    After the tour, we took a brief trip to a grocery store to buy some fruit and beverages. I was surprised at the prices which seemed high by North American standards - a small bottle of pop costs 12 SEK (about $1.50 US$). We then took a subway out to Magnus's apartment and spent some time playing with his Catweazle scanners which we had hooked up to the X29 system in my laptop. Naturally we talked a lot about lasers and also admired the CD player he had built from a salvaged computer CD jukebox mechanism!

Stockholm subway system
Stockholm subway system.

    Time passed all too fast and we were soon on our way to the show site for a 20:00 crew call. During the afternoon, it had rained again so things were damp and we had to spend time removing accumulated water from the tarps and plastic coverings over the equipment. The rain had left us under partially cloudy skies with patches of sun so things were drying out.

    The show went off flawlessly and the larger than usual weekend crowd was most appreciative in their cheers and applause after the show!

    The festival organisers threw a small party for the crew at one of the festival bar/restaurants located at the west end of the Opera house. We were served a noodle dish with chicken and vegetables, a meat kebob and corn chips along with plenty of Pripps beer. People circulated about chatting in German, English and Swedish. Around 01:00 the party began to break up as people drifted off home to sleep.

Crew party 1

Crew party 2 Crew party 3

Crew party 4

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