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Detailed Laser Safety - Safety Archives

    The Safety Archives contains a listing of articles, papers and links relevant to professional laser safety issues.


  • Laser Safety Practices:  A simplified discussion of  the basics of proper laser safety practices with diagrams illustrating how to implement them.

  • Safe Audience Scanning:  This article, by By William Benner, Jr. Chair, ILDA Technical Committee, originally appeared in a condensed form in the Fall 1997 edition of The Laserist. The version that appears here, with the permission of the author, is the full 4000 word edition.

  • An Electronic Approach to Safer Scanning: To improve the safety of laser shows, especially in jurisdictions where audience scanning is permitted, it is desirable to monitor the behavior of the scanners electronically.  If a malfunction is detected, then the system can be shut down.  This paper covers the theoretical considerations of such systems.

  • International Laser Safety Seminar - November 8, 1998:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A copy of the handout provided to participants at the seminar.


Off-site Safety Information

  • The international laser safety standard, IEC-825, is the overall document on which most countries base their laser safety standards.  If you operate in a country with few or no regulations, it is wise to follow the standards set forth in this document.

  • User Guide for Directed Bright Light Operations in Airspace:  The proposed Canadian regulations for the use of lasers in outdoor shows and displays - For the latest copy of this information, contact "Maurstad, Jim" <MAURSTJ @ tc.gc.ca>
  • Wilson Industries Inc, a supplier of industrial laser safety equipment, has a document containing common Laser Safety Formulas that may be useful to you.  Go to the linked page and look for the Common Safety Formulas link on the left.

  • Laser Safety:  A section on laser safety from the Pangolin Laser Show Resources Guide.


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