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Detailed Laser Safety - Safety Regulations

    This page provides links to safety information and laser safety authorities for various countries and regions.  If you have additional inks to safety regulations, please E-mail them to us so that they can be included on this page.


  • Advisory Authorities:  A list of the contact information for the radiation protection authorities in Australia



The Radiation Protection Bureau is the division of Health Canada which is responsible for laser safety.

  • Radiation Protection Bureau Home Page:  We are concerned with radiation risks to humans, for example from medical and industrial x-ray equipment, lasers, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, microwave ovens, airport noise and power lines and radon in homes.

  • Misuse of Laser Pointers General information about laser pointer issues from the Radiation Protection Bureau division of Health Canada

  • User Guide for Directed Bright Light Operations in Airspace:  The Canadian regulations for the use of lasers in outdoor shows is now available as a .ZIP file which contains the guide in .PDF format as well as the required forms in .RTF format [updated 09 June 2003].

  • Contact the Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau:  For further information, or to report any concerns or accidents caused by exposure to laser light, contact:

    • Health Canada, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch
      Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau
      6301B, 775 Brookfield Road, Ottawa, ON K1A 1C1
      Or call: (613) 954-0303 or 954-0311.






United Kingdom


United States

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health, CDRH, which is a division of the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] is the main regulatory body responsible for laser safety administration in the United states:


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