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Laser F/X On-line Newsletter - Special Reports

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Sunday, May 30 1999

Trade Show

    The day started with coffee, muffins and danishes served in the hallway outside the Harvester Hall. At 10:00 the doors were opened and laserists got to see the latest and greatest in laser hardware and software.
Vendors in alphabetical order. Copy written by the vendors is shown in italics like this.


Advanced Laser Design
Stan Turecki - forlaser@gte.net
5618 Regis Ave, Port Richey, Florida USA 34668
Tel: 727-847-1486 Fax: 727-847-0127

 Advanced Laser Design has been producing custom laser solutions for high profile and one-of-a-kind installations for some years now. We have taken this multi-disciplinary approach and integrated it into developing a line of lasers specifically designed with the entertainment field in mind. Our first laser is a compact, very convenient, air-cooled, 532nm laser for beam effects. Lasers currently being developed include all solid-state high power white light systems for scanning and beams and very high power YAG lasers for beam effects. These are due to be introduced in the near future. If you have demanding requirements, and are looking for the best value for your money, without sacrificing convenience or power, give us a call.

    Unfortunately Stan and the laser were held up in Customs and eventually refused admission to Canada much to the disappointment of laserists.


Cambridge Technology Inc
Martina Casey - mcasey@camtech.com
109 Smith Place, Cambridge, MA USA 02138
Tel: 617-441-0600 Fax: 617-497-8800

Cambridge Technology offers the most extensive line of closed loop galvanometer based optical scanners commercially available today! Whatever your application, Cambridge Technology has several price/performance options available to you. Our diversity of product and performance has enabled Cambridge Technology to become a recognised technology leader in laser show scanning systems.
Cambridge debuted their new 6210 scanners which are much smaller than the popular 6800HP scanners, and are said to be significantly faster. Cambridge has not issued an official speed as of this report but New Method Lasers had promised a demonstration of the scanners running at 60K!


Laser F/X and Spectronika
L. Michael Roberts

Laser F/X was showing copies of the ever-popular "Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook" at their table.

Spectronika manufactures low cost air-cooled copper vapour lasers ideal for clubs and outdoor events. The pulsed Copper Vapour laser has a MSRP of $7,000 US$ (ex-works) and runs for 600 hours before a simple low cost tube replacement is required. Replacement tubes cost $1,650 US$ (ex-works) and it is reported to take only 2 hours for tube replacement.


Laser Illusions
Phone: 406-563-7506

Laser Illusions introduces the "X-29 Turbo" board which decodes all colours and allows X-29 to meet ILDA standards for graphics output. This low-cost board is a must for X-29 and Full-Auto users as it allows for output of all the colours supported by the software and brings the NML system into compliance with the ILDA standard DB25 balanced line pin-out. It also opto-isolates the 8 TTL output lines and level shifts them to user selectable +5V or +10V output


Laser Power Corporation
Dean T. Hodges - hodges@laserpower.com
2777 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, California USA 92130
Tel: 619-755-0700 Fax: 619-259-0956

Laser Power Microlasers, a division of Laser Power Corporation, designs and manufactures high-power, visible and infrared diode-pumped solid-state laser systems. Laser Power's miniaturised solid-state microlasers offer significant advantages over conventional solid-state and gas lasers due to their small size, longer life, and greater energy efficiency.

Dean had red, green and blue microlaser models on display at the booth. All are air-cooled and operate from a 110Vac wall outlet.


MDG Fog & Smoke
Marc Gringras
5639 Christoph Colomb, Montreal, Quebec Canada H2S 2E8
Tel: 514- 272-6040 Fax: 514-722-3229

MDG offers a range of fog/smoke generators that are ideal for laser applications. Our units can provide an even haze with long "hang time" perfect for laser beams in venues ranging from small rooms and halls to vast stadiums.
Our award-winning Atmosphere unit is ideal for corporate events where unobtrusive and unnoticeable haze is required.



MediaLas Laserproducts GmbH
Dirk Baur - info@medialas.com
Neue Rottenburger Str. 37, DE-72379 Hechingen Germany
Tel: +49-7471-91661

MediaLas is a manufacturer and distributor of professional laser show products. From our award winning 30K Catweazle LC scanners, to our plug & play Catweazle Pro displays, we offer scanning solutions to meet your needs at very reasonable prices. We also supply a full line of DPSS diode lasers, fibre optics components and systems, our CatSafe scan fail detection boards and many other optomechanical components to meet your laser show needs.

The low cost Catweazle LC scanners were demonstrated running at 30K and were installed in the Catweazle Pro display system which includes a 532nm laser and complete drive board with controller that holds frames and animations in memory -- ideal for point of sale and small displays. MediaLas also showed a DMX-controlled bounce mirror and the CatSafe scan fail detection system.


New Method Lasers Inc.,
Bob Ash
10530 - 72nd St. N., #706, Largo, Florida USA 33777
Tel: 813-545-0376 Fax: 813-547-1760

Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of laser light show equipment. Products include beamtable components, Full-Auto and X29 laser controllers, new and used laser systems, Cambridge scanners and NEOS PCAOMs.

Sherry (the model who appears in many NML ads) was in the booth to talk to laserists and demonstrate the Full-Auto software. New this year was the LCN system which offers high speed all vector frames for a quality output and many special features. Also on display was Full-Auto lite, a low cost system offering all the real time image selection and control features of the full package but without the auto-trace and some of the other image drawing features. This system is ideal for clubs and discos where a full featured playback package is required.


Pangolin Laser Systems
Patrick Murphy
771 South Kirkman Road, Suite 113, Orlando, Florida USA. 32811
Tel: 407-299-2088 Fax: 407-299-6066

Pangolin makes the world's most popular laser show software for professional use, Lasershow Designer for Windows. LD has won more industry awards (ILDA and Laser FX/Brewster), and is used to create more award-winning shows (1997-1998) than any other laser show software. LD is powerful yet easy to use, making it the best value in laser show software. New for 1999 is the Lasershow Performer console, a lighted control desk making it easier to perform live shows. Pangolin also sells CADA-MOD boards, the only way to modify Alesis ADAT digital tape recorders so they can be used to record laser light show and DMX control signals.

On display was Pangolin's modification to CTI 6800 scanners, running at an ILDA 50K speed. Pangolin also showed the Lasershow Performer console and the new C10 geometric and colour correction with built-in test patterns.


R.M. Specialised Machining
Ron Matthews
Unit # 4, 41 Courtland Ave., Concord, Ontario Canada L4K 3T3
Tel: 905-669-9210 Fax: 905-669-4109

Ron Matthews Specialised Machining Ltd. (Canada) is an Ontario Corporation providing laser light system platforms, and modular, interchangeable opto-mechanical components and assemblies to the laser show industry. Utilising the substantial manufacturing, design and engineering expertise of Ron Matthews, the company has carried out prototype and custom product development and consulting, to the laser, scientific and research community, for the past 16 years.

RMSM was showing the prototypes of a new modular expandable projector system. The "Projector Project" is supported by leading industry vendors such as Cambridge Technology, NEOS and RMSM among others. The design features modular sections of beam table with 5 outputs each, a grating module with two outputs and soon to be added a graphics head. The modules are made in standard sizes and are interchangeable in a mix-and-match fashion. A full complement of modules can be configured to meet the ILDA standards for a DMX controlled ISP. This allows a laserist to start out small and add more modules and effects as time and budget permits. The full projection system will be released later this summer.
Also on display was an X/Y scan head for the popular CTI 6800 galvos. The scan head features a large bushing for image stability and allows image projection to be adjusted through a 60 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical scan field.


Lazerus' Laser Wizardry
Karl Rothweiler and Michael Svob
4331 E. Western Star Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona USA 85044

Lazerus' showed their OptiKlenz kit which contains a complete range of cleaning materials for laser maintenance and a new OptiAid kit. The OptiAid is a small version with basic cleaning supplies designed to be put in a toolbox or in the laser case for on-site laser and projector optics cleaning.
The Anarchy 3D frame editor and TrueType text converter was also on display in the booth


Links - Quick Links to Report Pages

In order to present as many pictures as possible, we have broken this special report down into a number of pages to speed access. Most of these are large pages with many images so please be patient while they download.

Laser F/X '99 Report - Introduction and background
Friday 28 May - Behind the scenes and the crew
Saturday 29 May - Pangolin School and Open House
Sunday 30 May - Trade Show - Trade Show info and pictures
Sunday 30 May - Brewster Awards - The Banquet and entries
Monday 31 May - Seminars and LaserFest
Scanner Wars - Faster than 30K scanners debut at Laser F/X '99
Candid Camera - A selection of 20 photos (very large page)


DISCLAIMER: Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page(s). Laser F/X does NOT endorse or recommend any products/services and is NOT responsible for the technical accuracy of the information provided.  We provide this information as a service to laserists using the Backstage area. 

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