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Brewster Awards

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Information and Education - Brewster Awards

    Laser F/X sponsored an annual competition to recognize the best in laser shows. The competition is unlike others in that the judging is done by laserists attending Laser F/X: The Light Show Conference. This way, the entries are judged by a group of working laserists -- a 'jury or your peers'.

A Brewster Award

The entries are displayed in laser from ADAT playback so that they are seen in the medium in which they were created. Entries are accepted up to a few days before the competition.
    Winning laserists get a Brewster Award. The award (pictured above) resembles the Brewster window of an Ion laser tube. The Brewster window in a laser allows the laser beam to be emitted from the laser and also polarizes the beam so it can be used with polarization sensitive devices such as a PCAOM.

Brewster Awards Hall of Fame


Laserists's choice Brewster (Modules) - Graphics

First -- "Striptease" by Dirk Baur of MediaLas Germany
Second -- "Deadline" by Rob Mudryk and Matt Polak
Third -- No third prize was awarded due to a limited number of entries.

Laserists's choice Brewster (Modules) - Beams

First -- "Astrae" by Karl Rothweiler
Second -- "Reflections (short cut)" by Holger Walter of HW Lasertechnik
Third -- "Bingo Bongo" by LOBO


Laserists's choice Brewster (Modules) - Graphics

First -- "Ghost" by MediaLas (Christian Luick)
Second -- "Ray of Light" by Laser Spectacles (Tim Walsh)
Third -- "L.O." by AB Obscura Magica (Jan Kriland)

Laserists's choice Brewster (Modules) - Beams

First -- "Beyond" by MediaLas (Dirk Baur)
Second -- "Rockit" by FFP Lasers (Dave Nash)
Third -- "Vivaldi" by Laser Entertainment S. R. L. (Alberto Kellner)

1999 Brewster Award Winners
1999 Brewster Award Winners (L to R) Jan Kriland, Dirk Baur, Dave Nash and conference chair L. Michael Roberts


Laserists's choice Brewster (Modules) - Graphics

First - World In Motion [Oliver Kobusch] Christian Lueck, Trick-Design
Second - Sound Is Laser [Tim Walsh] Tim Walsh, Laser Spectacles
Third - Money [Pink Floyd] Mike Dunn - FirstLight Laser Productions

Laserists's choice Brewster (Modules) - Beams

First - Nightmare [Brainbug] Dave Nash - FFP Laser Systems
Second - Learning Curve [Senior X] O. Steven Roberts and Rob Mudryk
Third - Digital Dreamer [Unknown] Dirk Baur - es-Lasersysteme


Laserists's choice Brewsters (Products)

First - CADA-Mod boards by Pangolin Laser Systems
Second - LD for Windows Software by Pangolin Laser Systems
Third - 6800HP by Cambridge Technology

Laserist's choice Brewster (Modules)

First - Contradanza [Vanessa Mae] Beamshow by NewWave Productions
Second - Al naafyish [Hashim] Beamshow by Dave Nash
Third - The Emperor [Fusion Factor] Beamshow by Tom Grimes


Laserists's choice Brewsters (Products)

First - Raster Frames by Pangolin Laser Software
Second - Reliant 300WC by Laser Physics
Third - Micro YAG by New Method Lasers

Laserist's choice Brewster (Modules)

First - Time Show [Pink Floyd] - William Moore
Second - Tidvatten Act 1 - Jan Kriland
Third - Trumpets On Fire - Jan Kriland


Laserists's choice Brewsters (Hardware)*

First - CT6800 Galvos by Cambridge technology
Second - TurboTrack scan amplifier by Lighting Systems Design Inc.
Third - Universal Geometric Corrector by Lighting Systems Design Inc.

Laserists's choice Brewsters (Software)*

First - Lasershow designer - Pangolin Laser Software
Second - X-29-2 by New Method Lasers
Third - LaserCAD by Precision Projection Systems

Laserist's choice Brewster (Modules)

First - New Year's Eve Show [various artists] - Laser Artistry and William Moore
Second - Right Now [Van Halen] - Mike Dunn
Third - A Freaduan Slip [Pink Floyd] - William Moore

* In the first year, we chose to split the products category into Hardware and Software as a way of "catching up" to recent advances in laser show technology.


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