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Information and Education - Selected Links

    Here is a short of list of web sites sites that provide additional information about lasers with some brief comments on the contents: 

Laser Institute of America [LIA]
LIA Safety Bulletin Logo     This site provides a Laser Safety Bulletin that has been prepared by LIA's Laser Safety Committee to educate new laser users on the concerns and issues related to laser safety.  There is also a very useful page on Laser Pointer Safety (which is also reproduced in our Basic Laser Safety pages).
University of Waterloo
U of W safety office logo         The Laser Safety Manual used at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  It gives a great deal of detail about various kinds of lasers.  The 'Laser Fundamentals' section gives a lot of scientific detail on how laser light is generated and has diagrams of the lasing process.
The "Laser Adventure " by Rami Arieli
The Laser Adventure     A site with a scientific orientation that contains details on the theory and operation of lasers and scientific terminology relating to lasers.  It also includes a number of experiments you can perform with lasers using simple apparatus that you can build yourself.
Image from the Lovelight show      Web pages created to cover the technology and provide details and images of the pioneering laser show "Lovelight".  This was one of the first laser shows that used graphics and animations and had a complete story line with music especially composed for the show.  There is also a page with photos of the inside of a position detecting scanner.
Laserium Logo     Home page of Laserium, the company that started laser shows. There are some very beautiful images from thier shows in the Laserium Image Gallery.
The Laserist
The Laserist logo     The on-line version of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) magazine "The Laserist" featuring selected articles from the printed version.
The Invention of the Laser
The patent for the laser     This series of web pages on the Bell Labs site discuss the invention of the laser.  The invention of the laser, which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, can be dated to 1958 with the publication of the scientific paper, Infrared and Optical Masers, by Arthur L. Schawlow, then a Bell Labs researcher, and Charles H. Townes, a consultant to Bell Labs.  That paper, published in Physical Review, the journal of the American Physical Society, launched a new scientific field and opened the door to a multibillion-dollar industry.  A picture of the patent document for the laser is shown at the left.


Links to pages of general interest in our Backstage area

Urström at the 1999 Stockholm Water Festival
Stockholm Water Festival picture     A detailed report (from an insiders perspective) of one of the major laser shows presented in Europe in 1999 at the Stockholm Water Festival.  The show was created by Obscura Magica and involved stereoscopic 3D laser animations, beam effects,  Pani image projections over a kilometer long, a woman flying over the show site, fire and smoke effects.
Blinded by the lights - Pink Floyd on Tour
Pink Floyd backstage pass     A review of the Pink Floyd 1994 Division Bell concert in Toronto.  Aside from the usual high quality production one expects of Pink Floyd's, this tour was notable as it used high power Copper Vapour lasers.  A backstage look at the systems and the laser technology used in the concert.
A Brief History of Laser Light Shows
Scharlow and his Optical Maser     A very brief history of the pioneering laser light shows from the early days of the laser light show industry.

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