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Laser F/X On-line Newsletter - Special Reports

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ILDA - 1998 Amsterdam Meetings

(Advanced Technology Workshop)

Volunteer, Kelly Plughoff, distributes ATW hand-out
Volunteer, Kelly Plughoff, distributes ATW hand-out at the start of the meeting

    The first Advanced Technology Workshop (ATW) was held at the New York City ILDA meeting. It was designed to bring laserists a close-up look 'under the hood' at how the the technology in our industry works. There were a few presenters who spent lots of time delving into the nuts and bolts of the technology.
    The ATW seeks both cutting-edge and theoretical technologies, as well as new products and product improvements. Unfortunately, most of the cutting-edge companies contacted could not, or did not want to attend, so this year's ATW was mostly about new products and product improvements. This year there were 13 companies from 7 different countries presenting.
    The ATW is presented by the ILDA Technical Committee (Tech-com). LaserFX.com gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Bill Benner, chair of the Tech-com, who provided material for this report.



Company: B&W Tek
Contact: Sean Wang
Address: 18 Shea Way, Suite 107, Newark, DE 19713 USA
Phone: (302) 368-7824, 633-9073, Fax: (302)368-7830
e-mail: info@bwtek.com

Sean Wang presented new compact solid-state lasers for laser display applications. Most of these are small diode-pumped, solid-state green YAG lasers. A a red laser was also shown.



Company: MediaLas Laserproducts GmbH
Contact: Dirk Baur
Address: Neue Rottenburger Str. 37, Hechingen D-72379 Germany
Phone: +49-7471-91661, Fax: +49-7471-91666
e-mail: info@medialas.com

Last year Dirk introduced his low-cost closed-loop scanning system dubbed the "CATWEAZLE" system. At that time, the system was only capable of scanning at around 18K. This year, he presented the latest version of the CATWEAZLE which scans at 30K+ scan speeds. Dirk has kept the price in the $1000 US range.



Company: NEOS Technologies
Contact: Bob Belfato
Address: 4300-C Fortune Place, Melbourne, FL 32904 USA
Phone: (407) 676-9020, Fax: (407) 722-4499
e-mail: neostech@neostech.com

Bob Belfato of NEOS technologies has presented PCAOM technology at the ATW for the last two years. This year he presented a new 'blooming control" optics kit for using PCAOMs with very high power lasers. Typically higher power lasers cause the beam to 'bloom' or 'thicken' degrading image quality. The latest NEOS Technology innovation adds an optical system to counteract this effect and sharpen the image. He also presented other improvements to their existing PCAOM product line.

Bob Belfato



Patrick Murphy Company: Pangolin Laser Systems
Contact: Patrick Murphy
Address: 771 S. Kirkman Road, Suite 113, Orlando, FL 32811 USA
Phone: (407) 299-2088, Fax: (407) 299-6066
e-mail: mail@pangolin.com

Patrick demonstrated two new key developments of Pangolin Lasershow Designer software: Image masking and the new Live! controller. Image masking causes a 'foreground' image to mask (obscure) a 'background' image adding to the 3D illusion. The effect is fully user controllable and one can have multiple objects masking each other. Live! is a controller package that allows one to set up a variety of effects, from a single frame to complete shows or modules, that can be recalled at the touch of a function key with on-screen status monitoring. To read the Pangolin handout, click HERE.

Company: Lasscan
Contact: Ante Uglesic
Address: Zaucerjeva 22, SI-1125 Ljublhana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 61-271 749, Fax: +386 61-12 33 810
e-mail: lasscan@eunet.si

Ante Uglesic demonstrated a number of new accessories for Pangolin’s Lasershow Designer software. He showed a new low-cost, high-performance hardware desk-style interface for use with Pangolin’s Live! controller. This desk is particularly well suited for clubs and discos. He also demonstrated some QuadMod accessories that provide DMX-512 and ISP capability.


Company: New Wave Productions
Contact: Derek Garbos
Address: 5455 Vanden Abeele, St. Laurent, Quebec H4S 1S1 Canada
Phone: (514) 333-6112, Fax: (514) 333-6096
e-mail: newwave@aei,net

Derek presented his Sync-Master Live Control console and software for use with Pangolin's Lasershow Designer software. The Sync-Master was introduced at last year's Pangolin User Group meeting and has been continually improved since that time.


Company: Holo Spectra
Contact: Bill Arkin
Address: 7742-B Gloria Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406 USA
Phone: (818) 994-9577, Fax: (818) 994-4709
e-mail: bill@lasershs.com

Bill Arkin presented improvements to his SpectraScan Suite of software accessories for use with Pangolin Laser Software. This includes his LD Graphic Converter which will convert any computer graphic image from any vector format (BMP, WMF, CDR, DXF, etc.) to a laser frame. He also showed a text converter program that converts any TrueType font, including non-english and italic fonts, to laser frames. To read the Holo Spectra handout, click HERE


Company: New Method Lasers
Contact: Bob Ash
Address: P.O. Box 2387, Pinellas Park, Florida 33780 USA
Phone: (813) 545-0376, Fax: (813) 547-1760
e-mail: NML@laser-light-show.com

Bob Ash presented a new addition to his Full Auto line of software – an automatic bitmap trace facility. This is an updated version of his older RTV software, and is now built right into Full Auto. Bob also stole the show when he showed a 3D digitising device which works with X29 and allows the user to digitise small objects or even scale models of buildings simply. This accessory makes creating accurate 3D frames of objects easier.

Bob Ash of New Method Lasers

Projector-related components

Company: New Method Lasers 
Contact: Bob Ash
Address: P.O. Box 2387, Pinellas Park, Florida 33780 USA
Phone: (813) 545-0376, Fax: (813) 547-1760
e-mail: NML@laser-light-show.com

Bob Ash wins the prize of being the first person to complete a fully solid-state RGB laser projector. This projector outputs roughly 100mW of white light and runs from a standard wall outlet.


Company: Creative Laser Productions
Contact: Peter Mayer
Address: Max Wever Pl. 10, Munich D-81675 Germany
Phone: +49 8 947-05611, Fax: +49 8 947-05611
e-mail: 100746.751@compuserve.com

A veteran of the ATW, Peter presented diffraction gratings once again. This year, Peter has been hard at work in the lab and has emerged with yet another grating innovation – so called polyphase diffraction gratings. This is a special grating process where two or more grating patterns can be combined onto one substrate. Peter is now making two grating disks available; the first has four different grating patterns available in segments while the second has 6 tracks each with a different grating pattern. These gratings make the selection of multiple grating effects simple.


Company: MediaLas Laserproducts GmbH
Contact: Dirk Baur
Address: Neue Rottenburger Str. 37, Hechingen D-72379 Germany
Phone: +49-7471-91661, Fax: +49-7471-91666
e-mail: info@medialas.com

Dirk is continuing his push into the laser product arena with a scan-fail safeguard circuit dubbed the CAT-safe. This board is unique in that it uses a microprocessor to aid in detection of scanner failures. It can detect many more failure modes than most other scan-fail systems and it controls the PCAOM to blank the beam when a failure is detected.


Company: Laser System Europe
Contact: Patrick Awouters
Address: Rue aux Fleur 1c Bloemenstraat B-1380 LASNE (Brussels) Belgium
Phone: +32-2-425-19-99, Fax: +32-2-425-31-86
e-mail: laser.system.europe@skynet.be

Awouters presented the new C-10 Universal Corrector. This is a Geometric Correction system housed in a one-unit-high rack mount enclosure. Geometric corrections include Scale, Invert, Position, Keystone and Shear. The C-10 also has a built-in test pattern generator, scan-signal safety circuit and colour mapper.


Company: Lighting Systems Design, Inc.
Contact: Greg Makhov
Address: 4625 Old Winter Garden Road, Suite A-2, Orlando, FL 32811 USA
Phone: (407) 299-9504, Fax: (407) 299-3965
e-mail: greg@lsdi.com

Greg presented the Universal Geometric Corrector (UGC) from LSDI. This is a Geometric Corrector which is available as either a stand-alone Printed Circuit Card or as a one-unit-high rack mount enclosure. Geometric corrections include Scale, Invert, Position, Keystone, Shear, Linearity, Bow-line, and Pincushion.



Company: Laser Show Systems
Contact: Arkady Rozenshtein
Address: 103051, Moscow, Tsvetnoy blvd. 21/7 Russia
Phone: (095) 925-5865, Fax: (095) 925-5540
e-mail: lss@centro.ru

Laser Show Systems has researched acousto-optic beam deflection and its use in entertainment laser projectors for over four years. This research has lead to the first practical entertainment product to use these devices. The system has been used at the 850th anniversary of Moscow show and has been seen at various trade shows and exhibitions. This system has also received a variety of technical awards.


Company: Samsung
Contact: Yong-Hoon Kim
Address: P.O. Box 111, Suwon, 440-600, Korea
Phone: +82-331-280-9324, Fax: + 82-331-280-9349
e-mail: kimyh@saitgw.sait.samsung.co.kr

If there was an award for show-stopping presentation, it would definitely go to Samsung for their Laser Video and Show projector. This is the first laser based video projector of its kind which does both NTSC and PAL video, as well as classic vector-style laser graphics and abstracts. Unlike many others, who use a dye laser for red, Samsung has created a colour space converter so that they can get perfect television colour reproduction from a single Argon/Krypton (whitelight) laser.



 In order to present as many pictures as possible, we have broken this special report down into a number of pages to speed access:

SPECIAL REPORT - Introduction and Background
7 Nov - ATW (Advanced Technology Workshop)
7 Nov - Canal ride and Dinner (NOTE: Large page long download time)
8 Nov - Meeting, Seminars and Lase-off
9 Nov - Seminars and Awards Banquet
ILDA Trade Show - A (NOTE: Large page long download time)
ILDA Trade Show - B (NOTE: Large page long download time)
Candid Camera (NOTE: Large page long download time)
Essay: Sex and Drugs in Amsterdam


DISCLAIMER: Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page(s). Laser F/X does NOT endorse or recommend any products/services and is NOT responsible for the technical accuracy of the information provided.  We provide this information as a service to laserists using the Backstage area. 

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